Sunday, September 15, 2019

Products with Prizes

My mom never bought us Red Goose shoes - the ones that came with the free toys and candy in a golden egg. We may have gotten a pair of Poll Parrot and Buster Brown shoes, though. To be honest, we never cared about the shoes.  Just wanted the free egg!

So many things back in the day came with prizes or extras. It's as if the product itself weren't enough.  Manufacturers had to sweeten the deal, somehow. Crackerjacks are famous for the prizes (which have gotten lamer through the years).  

Breakfast cereals often included toys buried within their boxes.  

Here is a fun read about some of those cereals:
Some laundry detergents came with free towels or glassware with each purchase.  

You could collect whole sets of dinnerware when you bought Duz detergent - one piece per box. That's a lot of detergent!

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