Friday, March 22, 2019

Contrary Woodrow

Our neighborhood library was in Sharp Park, Pacifica, CA.  From the first visit, we Hagler kids became addicts - of reading and books.  The day we received our Library Cards, we knew we were important! 

We all had our favorites.  I loved Black Beauty, Tom Sawyer, The Wizard of Oz, and Beatrix Potter stories the best. Beatrix Potter was one of my inspirations for drawing. Her illustrations were enchanting. 

 Arlo's favorite was "Contrary Woodrow", by Sue Felt.  In fact, there was a period when that was all that Arlo wanted to read.

This became problematical when Arlo had to return the book. It didn't help that returning books in our family was sometimes a challenge.  The books could get lost in any number of places, and remembering the due dates was not easy, in our often chaotic household.  

But the reason that returning Arlo's favorite book every 2 weeks is that he didn't want to let it go.  It didn't occur to our parents to actually BUY the book.   Thus, Arlo would emulate his favorite character when told that he had to return "his" book....or when he realized that his book had been checked out by someone else.  He became "contrary".  

Luckily, Arlo outgrew "Contrary Woodrow" and went on to other things.  Just as Woodrow did, in the book.  


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