Tuesday, March 19, 2019


My brother Arlo had a boat docked in Sausalito years ago -  it was the eyesore and scourge of the harbor. The Sausalito Harbor Association members signed a petition to get rid of the monstrosity (this was saying a lot, seeing as to how some of the ships were made from old planks and chicken-wire), but before the fateful day arrived for Arlo to vacate the watery premises, he left to go out shopping and for dinner. Arlo decided to leave his companion on the boat whilst he was out. His companion was a big, black dog named Maynard. 

Maynard didn't like being left alone, and at some point, he tripped the switch to the bilge-pump, which flooded the boat, ruining Arlo's extensive record and comic book collection. The boat was last seen almost completely submerged, Maynard standing forlornly on the roof, hanging ten at the edge. 

Arlo's screams could be heard all throughout Northern California, and it was the talk of the family for many years to come.   But Arlo was a good and decent man; he let Maynard live.

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