Monday, September 14, 2020

2020 - Year of the Rat by Deb Wong

                                   2020 - Our Year (so far)  

                                          September 14, 2020


2020 - Chinese Year of the Rat. Supposed to be lucky - what do you think of that?

Started out with a full blood moon - won't be seeing that again, too soon. 

Time with family, Markfest was a blast - and visits with grandkids - that time went fast! 


The 49ers were Superbowl bound - they didn't win - maybe next time around.

Celebrated 40 years of Spring Mountain Gallery - planned to retire, after earning more salary.

Many projects to finish, and business was booming - we had not a clue the pandemic was looming.

Work on our homes was never-ending  - one house for sale, and our new one still pending. 

Couldn't have done it without family and friends - new floors, new paint, and windows to mend.

Primary voting, house up for sale, with hard work and planning, we weren't going to fail! 

Then BOOM! It was lowered - a roadblock, it seems - that changed our plans, and threatened our dreams. 

"Coronavirus" or "COVID-19" - was worse than any our lifetime has seen.

So, for our customers, clients and also ourselves - we closed our store, and emptied the shelves. 

After all the hard work, we had to confess, that at least we had moved - and so we were blessed. 

Shelter-in-place, social distance and hygiene, terminology used for this strange new scene. 

However! After all of our toil and sacrifice - our house sold in April - so, that was quite nice!

Months have gone by, without anything dire - until now, our horrific Season of Fire.

So it is September - how much more can we take?  Hoping the rest of 2020 can cut us a break! 

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