Monday, April 30, 2018

Fogey Talk

I think I’m showing my age.

I’m not talking about my appearance – that part is painfully obvious. 

What I’m referring to are some of the idioms and expressions that I use, which have been using for much of my life.
When I use them, I think that everyone will know what I’m saying.

Sometimes they don’t. Each generation has its own slang, some of which eventually becomes part of the vernacular. 

What doesn’t “take” is still used by old farts like me.
Yesterday, I said something about Mike having his “ears lowered” – you know – he got a hair cut.
But not everyone knew what I meant.

Here are some other expressions I hear myself say on a regular basis, without much thought:
Hold your horses
Take a load off
Straighten up and fly right
They’re livin’ the Life O’ Riley! (said this about the grandkids last week).
Hustle your buns! (my father used this one for “hurry up” - now I’m thinking it sounds a bit sketchy).
Crusin’ for a bruisin’
Made in the shade 

Keep your eyes peeled
Holy crap!
Jumping on the bandwagon
Not playing with a full deck
Costs an arm and a leg
Putting all your eggs in one basket
Do you dig what I'm saying?
That took the wind out of my sails....
Waste not, want not
He's full of hot air!
Catch you on the flip-side
She's off her rocker!
They’re trippin’ if they think....
Feeling under the weather
The apple don't fall far from the tree
What a bummer!
That’s aces! (I have tried to use the word: "awesome” in its place, but that has begun to sound tired-out and worn, too).
Far out!
Holy cow! (not to be confused with “Have a Cow”)
(speaking of cows) Crying over spilt milk
Out to lunch
Now you’re cooking with gas (also a favorite expression of my old teacher-friend John Stuart).
I know I’ve left some out, but you get the idea. I’m sure you have some of your own.

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