Sunday, September 4, 2016

Twister at the Teenage Fair

Laurie and I went to the Teenage Fair at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The year: 1967; I was 15, Laurie was 14.

Me in my dotted Swiss dress, and Laurie,  Just before we went to the Teenage Fair. 
.At the fair, Hasbro had a booth set up, demonstrating the very first Twister game, and was inviting brave souls to try it out. Laurie wanted to play. "Are you sure?' Yeah, o.k., me too. 

Problem was, I was wearing a tight was a royal blue dotted-swiss, knee-length affair. I threw off my high heels, and joined the group (there were 6 of us). 

At first it was easy...Left hand red; no sweat. It got complicated when I had to put my right foot yellow diagonally under another person's crotch. It made matters worse that this other person was a CUTE GUY, and I have always the habit of going all red in the face ...he appeared a bit nervous...he was laughing. He had a Beatles haircut, which was all the rage back then. So, to make the move, I had to hike my dress up to my crotch,and slllliiiiideee my leg carefully under and between the young man's legs.

I was embarrassed as hell, because a large crowd had gathered around us, and we all felt "on the spot" as it were.  When I noticed the young man's eyes wandering over to my rear end, I decided to fall out. The game wasn't worth it. Laurie did well, though (she excelled more often than not). I also had some back pain for awhile.

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